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Technology has paved away a lot of worries as well as issues using its complex solving software are widely available over internet. Gone are those days where we had to pay off for a detective to ascertain the details about anybody, programs, and software have been designed to cater for it. Just enter “Spy apps” and you’ll find ample of results. XNSPY might come in the featured list. Whether you’ve to get that app or not stands solely on whether you should invest in that application. But learning from reviews on XNSPY can help one in crafting due decision. In this article, we’ve innately vouched on XNSPY reviews. You’ll get all the useful information right here.

What is XNSPY?

Without any speck of doubt, XNSPY is a great monitoring solution essential in giving you a mirror-view of the target device. It works in a stealth mode and renders you with up-to-date information regarding the device you wish to cast eye on. It shares compatibility with both the iOS and Android users.

So, whether you intend to glance about employees or ascertain about the work status. Or see what your children are into, XNSPY is surely the app you should get on to. It leverages users to track locations, track their social networking status and maintain a good record of geofence. We are not finished yet, in the next section of XNSPY review, we have provided you with the pricing and features for your better understanding.


XNSPY offers two editions namely Basic and Premium. Here is how the cost depends on duration and edition.

  • Basic Edition: $29.99 (monthly), $41.99 (quarterly) and $59.99 (yearly)
  • Premium Edition: $35.99 (monthly), $59.99 (quarterly) and $89.99 (yearly)
Key Features:

While reviewing mSpy or any other app, not telling the features will not make any sense. So here they are:

  • Track iPhone calls & contacts – The most crucial feature of XNSPY is that it allows tracking of phone calls, contacts and safest mobile app so as to monitor the cell phones as well as the tablets. This can help parents to ascertain the status of their children and employers to their employees. Users can remotely keep a check on the entire call logs, contact lists to understand what their kid is doing.
  • Keep a check on GPS Location – It is important to be updated of your kid’s whereabouts or employee’s mingling around. Knowing about what they do, you can now sternly check over the GPS location, history. You can fetch accurate results using this mobile monitoring app.
  • Record potentially important things – Finding anything suspicious? With XNSPY record and listen to what’s going around at your kid’s end. What they chit-chat about and keep it as a proof against them.
  • Fetch 24*7 alerts – Remotely set keywords on specific kinds of words used in your kid’s phone like emails, SMS, phonebook or location. This will help in shielding your kids against the danger of real world use.
  • Secretly Monitor Keylogger – To surpass the keystrokes of the target device, count on XNSPY for it triggers to provide clear view of the social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber and Facebook Messenger.
  • Get a clear view of WhatsApp – Using XNSPY will help out users in monitoring the WhatsApp chats on your Android phones and tablets without having to root them at all.

Is It Worth to Purchase XNSPY?

You may wonder whether is the right choice for anyone to buy XNSPY monitoring solution. If we see all the points of considerations and the features it offers, it can be a good choice for purchasing. XNSPY is helpful in giving users the authority of maintaining the dashboard in the stealth mode. One can keep track of the SMS, iMessages, and IM chats as well as view what’s cooking fishy in WhatsApp, Viber, Line or Skype. But we aren’t forcing you. We just want you to read the remaing XNSPY reviews and then decide on your own.

The Pros and Cons You Must Know Before Purchasing XNSPY

Before investing on any product, it is important to have gone through its pros and cons to understand the nature of XNSPY. While, it has a pool of features to render users, XNSPY also has some drawbacks that one cannot deny to. Hence, in this section of XNSPY review, we are going to pen down the positives and negatives of this app. Read it right here:

  1. Access IMO Chats, Kik messenger and several other platforms.
  2. Keep a firm check on multimedia files and appointments photos, tablets.
  3. Fetch instant alerts for specific kind of content, or abusive keywords on your phone.
  1. Quite high on the price side as compared to other application available in the market.
  2. Users have complained about slow installation process.
  3. Some users have complained about technical support unable to give due support to customers.

Some XNSPY Customers’ Review

Don’t believe us? No problem, here are the reviews of users across the globe.

Good XNSPY Reviews:

  • I’ve been using XNSPY for about 2 months on my kid’s phone and it works great. However The installation process is very time consuming.
  • Have been using this over 4 months now. Works just fine. The last time I tried a spy app, it was all a lie. Worth a try.
Bad XNSPY Reviews:

  • Was not working good from the first day. Everytime they told me reinstall it and reinstall it. They don’t have good refund program.
  • Useless app. It doesn’t work and you need to always reach out to them for help, not just that their customer service is rude and useless. Don’t waste your money trying to buy this app as it doesn’t serve the purpose. You always have to install and reinstall which makes absolutely no sense.
  • I regretted purchasing this app, it’s too slow on iOs devices and asks for Apple ID and password every time.

Here is a video review of XNSPY:

How to Use XNSPY

Here is the complete guide to understand how to use XNSPY in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Purchase the subscription Plan

First and foremost, decide which plan suits your needs and accordingly purchase it. Carefully make the payment for the same and start monitoring.

Step 2: Launch the application

The next step is to download and install XNSPY monitoring application. Carefully get on to the target cell phone or tablet. You can choose to hide the application icon from the target device.

xnspy reviews picture

Start 3: Commence Monitoring

Allow some time to the program to get started with. Complete the setup process and then proceed to log into the XNSPY dashboard. Here you can easily monitor what you wish to.

xnspy reviews picture

Some Tips You Need to Know When Using Tracking Apps

Here are some useful tips you should use when using tracking apps.

  1. App hidden in stealth mode – Ensure the tracking app is carefully hidden in the target device. So that the target owner doesn’t get the inkling of you tracking them in any way.
  2. Make use of Geofencing feature – The geofence feature is helpful in setting parameters for location where you want to mark the boundary for. Always use this feature if the app contains it to ensure you loved ones are under the territory!
  3. Don’t use it with bad Intentions – Please ensure that you are using the app for legal purpose only. As long as your intentions are appropriate, the app can be used without any hesitation.


So here was the descriptive, honest and impartial XNSPY reviews. We hope by now users have gained enough knowledge on what XNSPY does, its properties as well as the cons for the same. Hopefully, you can decide whether you should get this app or not.

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