How to Read Someone Elses Text Messages Online for Free?

Do you want to know how to read someone elses text messages online for free? Is it legal? This article will tell you how to do that and also why to do.


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In this digital era, privacy is not only protecting your mobile data and information, but it also includes the respect of boundaries between your family relations. But sometimes, you need to cross those boundaries for their own good. Reading someone else text messages is not recommended at all as it violates the law and also the privacy of the person. But there could be specific reasons for doing so; In this article, we are going to talk about why sometimes there is a need for spying on someone else phone text messages? How to read someone elses text messages online for free? What applications can be used for this purpose? And the legal consequences of reading someone’s text messages.

Part 1: Why People Want to See Someone Else Text Messages?

  • Have you ever felt that your child is worried and he is not feeling well? There could be some serious issues, but what if he is not willing to share it with you? As a parent, you will be restless what’s happening in your kid’s life; you can’t just ignore the fact that your child is worried. You would surely jump into conclusions, and even if you ask your kid about it, he won’t tell you to avoid any sort of shame. We are totally unaware of our kid’s activities on their phones.But its impossible to know anything unless you have some spy app, to track their activities.
  • Now let’s talk about your life partner, we never tolerate cheating in relations, but how can you make sure your partners aren’t cheating on you? We really don’t mean to suspect your partner of cheating, but sometimes being vigilant is better than facing the sudden harsh reality at once.
  • Now coming up towards your work life, if you want to track your employees activities, well that is something quite odd but if you are suspecting him to be causing damage to your business by maybe selling out our business secrets and information, its best to kick out those black sheep before they cause you further harm.

So after reading all these, I hope you are convinced that sometimes it is better to know how to see someone text messages, because in some way you can be helpful to them by knowing their real pain, and also can make your life worry-free, by keeping on check the activities of the people around you.

Part 2: Can Someone Read My Text Messages from Their Phone?

Its hard to believe but yes that’s true, one can easily read all your text messages, without letting you know, there are spy apps which are made for that purpose, most of them are paid spy apps, the free spy apps work to some extent but they can’t be trusted, because nothing is free in this world. With these apps, one can easily break into your phone and acquire whatever data he requires. So keep on reading as we are going to give you some examples of such free apps.

Part 3: How to Read Someone Elses Text Messages Online for Free?

Now its time to talk about the applications, which will enable you to read someones text messages online free, but before introducing you to these applications, you need to be aware of few things before using and installing these applications.

1. Set Your Goals

You need to define your goals and requirements. You have to comprehend what information you have to get before beginning. Here are a few alternatives you may require:

  • Worrying that your child may be visiting harmful sites.
  • Locate your kid’s movements and location.
  • Looking for some important mail or message on someone’s phone.
  • Doing “criminologist” proficient work that incorporates all-out control on your life partner telephone, including erased applications, instant messages, photographs, listening calls.

2. General Installation Guide

It’s clear you cant install any spyware software remotely; you need to install it manually on their phones. You need to access their phones somehow, it is either by taking their phones or by sending them a link, so they install it without letting them know. Here are some general steps involved:

  • 1. Register An Account on that Software:
    Most software uses the main account, which you register to show you the activity log. Once you sign-up, you can view the activities or messages, or services that software offers you. So the first step is to register yourself.
  • 2. Set Up the Software on the Target Phone:
    Its time to infiltrate the targeted phone. If it is your kid or spouse, you can easily ask them for a phone and set it up. But in the case of your employee, you need to be wise. There are various ways that software offers, like sending a link, or message. But it’s not that easy.
  • 3. Spying on the Targeted Phone:
    Once you are all set, give your software to work, some software takes more than 24 hours of time to log all the information you need. Once 24 hours are completed, you will be able to retrieve any information you require.

3. Applications for Reading Someones Text Messages Online Free

1. Spyic


  • Spyic can keep you updated with the real-time location of your child.
  • Easily access any message on your targeted phone.
  • Alerts on suspicious messages to keep you vigilant.
  • No jailbreak required
read someone else text for free
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Interesting features
  • Affordable to use
  • Not supported by Windows phones

Note: Spyic may cannot be visited recently, you can try to use other apps or wait for their engineer to fix the issue.

2. FreephoneSpy


  • Completely undetectable and safe.
  • Compatibility with all OS of phones.
  • Quick Customer Support.
read someone else text online for free

3. TheTruthSpy


  • No jailbreak required.
  • Can spy on all iPhones and Ipads at once.
  • Very simple to use.

4. Guest Spy


  • Trustworthy software, with eight years of trust in the market.
  • Real-time screenshots.
  • Keylogger.
  • Call logs.
  • Record surrounding.
  • Real-time location.
guestspy software

5. Free Android Spy


  • Totally free.
  • Real-time location of your child.
  • Have access to your kid’s gallery and videos.
  • 100% non-detectable.
free android spy

6. SMS Tracker App


  • Easy to use.
  • Non-Detectable.
  • Full-time SMS and MMS Alerts.
  • Quick Customer Support.
sms tracker

7. Auto Forward Spy (Recommended for Android Phones and Tabs)


  • Call Recording.
  • Real-time monitoring of social media.
  • Access Contacts.
  • Read full browser history.
  • Take photos remotely.
auto forward spy

8. PhoneSpector


  • Fast Operation, starts acquiring data within 45 seconds of installation.
  • Able to retrieve even the deleted messages.
  • The core strength is to acquire messages from all social media accounts.

9. Sure Point Spy


  • Remote Camera.
  • Real time control panel.
  • Monitor Social Media.
  • Browser History and access to the gallery.
sure point spy

10. Highster Mobile


  • Highster Mobile is the best suited for iPhones.
  • Can access all deleted messages.
  • No Jailbreak Required.
  • Telephonic Customer support for a quick resolution.
highster mobile

Part 4: Is It Legal to Read Someone Else Text Messages?

It’s illegal to read, spy and track someone’s messages; if it’s the case of your kids, you have parental authority, but in reality, if you tried to follow someone and he knew about your intentions, that won’t go well for you. As you are clearly violating someone’s privacy, and it can quickly get you arrested, and you can serve a long time in prison. So be careful and take this step on your own risk.


After reading up all of it, you are able to know why sometimes spying on someone could be beneficial for you, but also could have legal consequences, having an excellent free spying app is not easy to find, as you are not sure yourself that maybe that spying app is also spying and stealing your data. So always be careful, that as you are stealing someone’s private data, others might even be stealing yours.