WhatsApp Parental Control Keep Your Kids Safe Online

WhatsApp has many positives, but there are some potential issues for teenagers using it without proper supervision. WhatsApp parental control is the best way to ensure that using the app is safe for kids. This passage will guide you on how to put parental control on WhatsApp to ensure that they are using the app.


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WhatsApp monitoring for parents is essential to make sure that the kids are using the platform in a safe environment. Kids, mainly teenagers, are greatly influenced by the company they keep or the content they watch and share online. To make sure that your kids don't come across something that can have a negative impact on their personality, you need a parental control tool to monitor their online activity.

Part 1: Why Are Teens Obsessed with WhatsApp?

As the most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp has become an essential part of everyone's life. Anyone can use WhatsApp as long as they have an account. It means aside from adults, kids and teenagers also use the platform. The following features combined make WhatsApp an addictive app for teenagers.

  • WhatsApp enables teens to message each other with the only requirement of having internet access. It costs nothing to message or call someone on WhatsApp, and it works the same even if people live in different countries.
  • Addiction to social media platforms is a common issue for teens. WhatsApp offers an instant sharing platform where teens can share pictures, and videos, create or join chat groups, send video messages, and chat with others on video calls.
  • Kids, especially teens, have lots of friends that they like to keep in touch with all the time. It's simple and fun for them to contact their peers. With WhatsApp, teens can upload small clips or pictures as status updates and view the status of their friends.

Part 2: Is It Necessary to Use WhatsApp Control App?

Here is why it is necessary to use a WhatsApp parental control app free.

  • Cyberbullying is a common issue on social media platforms. WhatsApp offers group chats that take cyberbullying to the next level. Your kids might get bullied not only by their friends but also the strangers who are in the chat group.
  • People also use WhatsApp to scam others to get their private information and money or get them involved in harmful schemes. Your kid can easily encounter money requests and fraudulent job opportunities on WhatsApp.
  • Another reason to monitor your kid's WhatsApp activity is privacy. Anyone can take a screenshot of a chat on WhatsApp, and strangers can look up anyone's contact info if they are in the same chat group.

A parental control app can help you supervise your kid's online activity on WhatsApp so you are always aware of what is happening to your kid. You can also ensure that your kid is not chatting with a stranger who has bad intentions.

Part 3: How to Set Parental Controls on WhatsApp?


WhatsApp cares for the user's privacy and security, so the messages are end-to-end encrypted, and other than the people involved in the chat, no one can see them. Although message privacy is an excellent feature, it also stops parents from monitoring their kid’s WhatsApp activities. However, you can use a WhatsApp parental control tool like FamiKeep to monitor your kid's WhatsApp. It is an amazing tool with lots of unique features, such as a real-time WhatsApp monitor.

Here is why you should use FamiKeep to monitor WhatsApp.

  • You can use it to read WhatsApp chats, track calls, view attachments, and get WhatsApp contacts.
  • FamiKeep tracks WhatsApp in stealth, so you can easily monitor your kid’s online activity without being known.
  • It is totally safe and reliable, and it has an easy-to-use UI similar to WhatsApp, so you can easily use it without any practice.
  • FamiKeep is compatible with all Android devices with Android 5.0 or the latest operating system.

Here are the steps to use FamiKeep to control parental WhatsApp android.

  • Step 1Visit FamiKeep on any browser and register your account. You can register yourself for free by entering a valid email account and setting up a password.

  • sign-up
  • Step 2Now, get the phone you want to monitor and visit “apk.famikeep.com” to download the app. After the download is complete, go to the file manager and install it on the target device. Register with the same account on the target device.

  • install-famikeep
  • Step 3Now, enable access and set up permissions on the target device. The system will guide you to complete the setup. Once you are done with the app setup, tap on the “Got it” option.

  • phone-permission-done
  • Step 4Go to the FamiKeep website on your device and sign in with your email. The moment you sign in, you can monitor the WhatsApp calls, contacts, and chats on the target device. If you want to see additional information, tap the "View All" option and monitor your kid's WhatsApp activity in stealth mode.

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Part 4: Tips for Managing Your Child’s WhatsApp Use

Using a WhatsApp monitoring app can help you monitor all your kid’s activities on the platform, but you can still follow these instructions exercise WhatsApp parental control free.

  • Set up the online status privacy. You can prevent people from knowing if your kid is online or when was the last time they were online by turning off the activity status.
  • Give your kid guidelines about social media and safety on online platforms.
  • Set your kid's profile picture to private to ensure that only the added contacts can view it.
  • You can also hide the information of your kid's WhatsApp account from strangers for privacy purposes.
  • Tell your kid to turn off their live location when using WhatsApp and avoid being added to random chat groups by anyone.
  • Block those contacts who send inappropriate content and are complete strangers.


This concludes our guide on how to put parental control on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an excellent app for kids to instantly message their friends and share news without any cost. However, it also means that they can get exposed to inappropriate content or get involved in a scam or bullying. Using a parental control app like FamiKeep to monitor your kid can help lift all of your worries.