[Solved] How to Find Lost iPhone without iCloud

How to find my iPhone without iCloud? Then keep reading this guide to learn some effective ways to locate lost iPhone without iCloud, including Find My iPhone, Google Map History, Siri’s Voice Activation, Apple Watch, etc.


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iPhone is the most important gadget in the life of many iOS users. People have spent time personalizing it and the personalized data of the user is stored in the device. iPhone is the part of the personality and image of the user. iPhone using is fine before lost but if one lost his iPhone, there is a lot of tension about the personalized data.

Every Apple device has the built-in iCloud that is for the storage of photos, files, notes, and personalized data safely and has access to it anywhere. iCloud also provides the backup of personalized data. Every iPhone user is familiar with the iCloud and knows well about its importance. The loss of the iPhone is a nightmare especially when the user has not backed up his data recently. Here we will tell you how to find lost iPhone without iCloud.

Part 1: Is It Possible to Locate Lost iPhone without iCloud?

The most effective way of tracking an iPhone is by the help of iCloud as every apple device has quit-it Find My iPhone feature that is linked with iCloud for the tracking and locating of the device. Frankly speaking, users of the iPhone know the importance of iCloud but some people do not use iCloud. Locating and tracking my iPhone without iCloud seems to be impossible but, in some situations, it is possible to locate the device without iCloud.

Part 2: How to Track My iPhone without iCloud

Some ways are helpful in finding lost iPhone without iCloud. Some of them are listed as below:

1. Locate My iPhone without iCloud By Using Find My iPhone

Apple company has preinstalled the latest app of Find My iPhone in the latest version and users can also installed it from apple store if their device does not have.

This app uses the GPS of the device for navigation purposes. The lost iPhone can be tracked without iCloud by using the same app from another apple device and logging in your account and locate the device.

find my iphone

Cons: But for this feature, the location devices of lost mobile should be enable. otherwise, it is unable to locate the device by this feature.

2. By Google Map History

If an iPhone user uses the Google maps and the location services of the device are enabled. Then the lost iPhone can be tracked just by logging into the Google account from any other device and track the location history.

google map

Note: To use these features, the period between loss of device and tracking should be small and the device must have enabled location services because once the lost device is turned off then one cannot locate it.

3. By Siri's Voice Activation

The Hey Siri feature of the iPhone also helps to track the lost iPhone in nearby places. Hey, Siri feature allows the user to activate his device by a voice-activated command Hey Siri which is followed by the loud activation tone of the user.

1.To find lost iPhone without iCloud by Hey Siri feature, just continue talking to Siri. It will respond to the user even if the device is in muted mode.

2.Even if the voice of the activated person to Hey Siri feature is not recognized, yet it will be responded to that sound. And then locating the sound of Siri, the device can be tracked.

hey siri

Cons: The limitation of this method is that it can be used to track or locator the iPhone which is lost in a nearby place either in the home or an office meaning that the device is nearby the user.

4. Using the Apple Watch

By using the Apple Watch, iPhone can also be tracked without the need for iCloud. If a person has lost his iPhone device nearby places in the home or office.

1.Make sure your iPhone and Apple watch are connected by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

2.Apple Watch has a feature of the Pinging iPhone. If both the devices are connected, then the iPhone can be tracked through it.

pinging iphone

5. How to Track Lost iPhone without iCloud By Friend's iPhone

If the user has any close relative or friend to which the location is shared, then the lost iPhone can be tracked by the Find My iPhone feature of that relative or the family member.

To access this feature, one must have shared his location with his close relative or family member and the lost iPhone has must enable location feature.

share your location

6. By iPhone LED Alerts

iPhone has a feature of LED alerts on the notification. If a user has enabled the feature of the LED alert oncoming notifications and lost his iPhone nearby place in the home or an office. Then by the visual aid of this feature. Even if the phone is silent, the LED flash upon notification tries to track the lost device.

led flash for alerts

7. By the Aid of Google Photos

The lost iPhone can also track this feature without accessing to the iCloud account. If the user uses the feature of Google photos and has enabled the automatic upload of the pictures to the Google photos. Then tracking the lost device is possible. When someone who has stolen the iPhone takes the picture from that device, it will automatically be uploaded to the Google photos. Google photos have also the option of the location of the place at which the picture is captured.

By accessing the google photos account from any other device, one can trace the recent location of the most recently uploaded photos.

auto backup

Cons: This option is a little bit complex and has the limitation that thee stolen device must have access to the Google photos and the location services of the stolen device must be enabled.

8. Locate Lost iPhone without iCloud Using IMEI Number

IMEI is the "International Mobile Equipment Identity" number and is unique for every device. Each device has its unique IMEI number and it also can't be changed. With the help of the IMEI number, one can request to track and locate for the stolen device. Various IMEI databases are there and registering on them helps in tracking of the lost device.

If anyone has lost his iPhone and has no access to the iCloud, register the IMEI number of the stolen device at IMEI database sites. If the stolen device was tracked by the database somewhere, the user will be notified.

9. By Third Party Apps

iPhone can also trace with many third-party apps that keep tracking the location of the device. One of the trending apps in this regard is the mSpy app which tracks the location and even data on the iPhone.

If anyone has installed such kind of the app and lost his device then through logging in to the account of that app, he can track the stolen device.

mspy gps

Cons: This method is also limited to the devices which just have installed any such kind of third-party app through which they can keep tracking of their device.

Check here to know more about mSpy: Is mSpy the Best to Track iPhone?

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iCloud has great importance for apple devices. But sometimes people forget the password of their iCloud account or some people not use iCloud, so for them, there are some other methods through which can track lost iPhone without iCloud. The major limitation is that the location service is must be enabled in the stolen device for the tracking of that device. Without location services, to track and locate a stolen or lost iPhone is almost impossible.

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