App to Lock Phone for Period of Time

Do you wan to know the app to lock phone for period of time? If not, this article will tell you everything about it. Read and Try!


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Lock screen apps have evolved over time to give smartphone users the flexibility they crave. Unlike in the past when users are stuck with the limited lock screen that comes with their devices, there are different apps to lock phone for period of time.

Part 1: Why People Need to Lock Their Phone for A Period Time?

The following are reasons why you may want to lock your phone for a period of time.

  • To reduce distraction: You may need to lock your phone for a period of time to focus on some other activity. Lock apps for a period of time can help solve phone addiction issues and improve concentration when participating in other activities.
  • To limit access by intruders: Locking your phone can help restrict intruders from accessing your phone without permission. If you have personal details that you wish to keep private, lock your screen after using your device.
  • To increase battery life: Locking your screen can also save battery life. If you let your screen stay alive for so long, battery life may soon be affected. However, locking your phone screen can prevent that.

Part 2: 10 Recommended Apps to Lock Phone for Period of Time

Make a choice between any of the ten screen lock apps that locks apps for a period of time reviewed below.

1. Echo Lock Screen

Echo lock screen pays more attention to users’notifications. Echo comes with a lot of options to help users customize the device screen to their taste. We do know lock screen apps do take their toll on battery life in the past. Echo notifications do not drain the battery. Echo was also built to save battery life.

app lock phone for period of time


  • Users can choose between the Free and Paid version.
  • Does not reduce battery life.
  • Offers better notification experience.
  • Lots of customizable options.


  • New users may be lost in its variety of options.

2. Hi Locker

This app to lock apps for period of time is quite popular because of the fingerprint unlock feature. It does not take many sizes on phone memory. It has the Free and Pro version. The Pro version is quite cheap when compared with other screen lock apps. It also has an easy user interface. There are a convenient number of customizable options on the app, so users can design their phone background and menu colors.

hi locker app lock phone


  • It does not significantly affect battery life.
  • Easy for users to work with as the number of features is manageable.
  • Pro version is inexpensive.


  • App-only supports fingerprint and no other biometric means of identification.

3. Next Lock Screen

Next app that locks other apps for a period of time is a product of Microsoft and targets professionals of various kinds. It is not surprising that the calendar, reminders and weather forecast icons appear together as a paramount feature on the app. The app, however, looks minimalistic and less sophisticated when compared with some other lock screen apps. One more thing about this app is that it does not eat into battery life.

next lock screen


  • The app is quite simple to use.
  • Compatible with all Android devices.
  • It’s small in size and takes up less storage space.


  • Does not offer a lot of customization.

4. LokLok

Lok Lok is unique among screen lock apps due to its unique design and functionality. It is basically a mix of the lock screen and Snapchat features. The camera automatically opens when you turn your smartphone. You can also draw lines and shapes on the pictures you take with the camera and send them to your family and friends. You can also change themes and add as much as 10 frequently used app on the home screen.

lok lok
  • Lok Lok is very easy to use.
  • It is lightweight and does not drain the battery.
  • It can be downloaded free.
  • The basic version allows few customizations.
  • To use certain in-built functions, you may be asked to pay some token.

5. Locker Master

Lock Master comes with both pattern and Swipe unlock options. It is regarded as a DIY lock screen app because it offers a very wide range of customizable features. Users have absolute control of the Lock Master screen app. It is free to download and does not incorporate those annoying apps. Users can also customize their themes with interactive options. Time, calendar and weather notifications are all customizable with very few taps on the screen.

locker master


  • It offers quite a lot of customizations.v
  • It is free to download.
  • It is ads-free.


  • It has a few bugs.

6. Go Locker

This is one of the oldest and popular screen lock app as many android users have used or are using. It has been downloaded more than 50 million times on PlayStore and the reviews are quite encouraging. It comes in both Free and Paid versions. The paid version costs $14.99, which qualifies the app to be ranked as one of the costliest apps on PlayStore.

Apart from being full of customizable features, it also interactive and quite easy to navigate.

go locker
  • Gives a wider range of customization options.
  • Lots of customizable themes to download.
  • Paid version may be considered too expensive by some people.
  • Older phones may experience reduced battery life.

7. Screen Lock Guardian

Screen Lock Guardian is meant for Android smartphone users who want to limit other people’s access to their phones. The app places more emphasis on security. It also has decent lock screen features that many would appreciate. The deal is that if anyone tries to open your phone with the wrong password, it takes their photo and log the time the attempt was made. The app is free to download but offers a low level of customization.

screen lock guardian


  • Offers improved security for your mobile.
  • It is free to download.


  • Apart from security, it offers a low level of customization.

8. Semper

Semper is a unique lock screen app with moderate security and customization. The app focuses on increasing general knowledge and vocabulary of the user. Users have presented a quiz before unlocking their devices. If you are not in the mood to answer the quiz, you can skip it in one click and proceed to unlock your screen.

  • It presents fun ways to unlock your screen.
  • Use the app to build your vocabulary.
  • Skip quiz if you are not in the mood to answer.
  • Offers little security and customization.
  • A bit heavy in size.

9. Ac Display

This is a relatively new screen lock app which performs like the screen locks on Galaxy S8, Moto X and many recent android smartphone models. Users can view and reply notifications without unlocking the screen. Users can also make some customizations. You can set when the screen lock should work in order to save battery life.

ac display
  • Very simple to navigate.
  • Users can see and play notifications without unlocking screen.
  • More customizations for notifications.
  • Few customization options.
  • May drain battery in lower version phones.

10. CM Locker

CM locker offers unlimited screen lock functionalities. Users can join the CM community and download screen lock themes that were created by other users. Its anti-theft protection can give a siren sound and also snap intruders when they enter the wrong password.

cm locker


  • Lots of customizable screen lock themes to choose from.
  • Strong anti-theft security features.


  • Fewer customization when compared with other screen lock apps


Using screen lock apps can offer more sophistication and options for android users. Also, you can use some screen lock apps to temporarily block apps on iPhone. You may also use screen lock apps to the app to lock phone at night, especially when you don’t trust people around you not to intrude into your device.